Current Production

Africatown USA Documentary

We are currently working on three projects.

 For our first production; “Africatown USA” Documentary, we are in the post-production phase this project. In addition, we are creating a curriculum to accompany the documentary and the book “The Slave Ship Clotilda and the Making of Africatown, USA, Spirit of Our Ancestors”, by author; Dr. Natalie S. Robertson.

For our second project, our community building and educational programs. We will begin screenings within our communities, schools, and college campus’ during 2019-2020, commemorating the 400th anniversary of slavery that began in 1619.  

Also, in Mid-February, we will begin introducing our educational program, teaching the Africatown curriculum, and theatrical program for the school’s children. The theatrical program will branch out to the schools throughout the United States within the next three years.

For our third project, we are in the pre-production phase (development and screenwriting), for our featured-film; "working title film" and will begin production by Mid-October-November 2019.

producer's note


Africatown USA is a unique story of great historical significance. It's not just an African-American story, but it’s also an American story that is mandatory to be told and documented on film. This film tells the story of what is believed to be America’s last slave voyage. The film narrates the voyage of this enslaved cargo and the mysterious lost ship, Clotilda. The backstory is tragic and heartbreaking, and it is fully told on film for the first time.


Yes, this film also explores the current challenges the community of Africatown currently face. It also showcases how this community was able to move forward through it all with the resilience and pride that was passed down from this unique group of Africans.

With national and international interest currently on the Clotilda and Africatown, it is the perfect time to document the events on film, so as to reach a global audience.

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